Stefanie Miles

Photo by Lauren Larsen

Each of our guest speakers for the Making Things Happen 2013 Conference are truly remarkable women. One thing they all have in common is that they have made their businesses AND their lives happen. We promote a balanced lifestyle and these ladies are quite the role models.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Stefanie Miles of Lavender Joy Weddings. With a background in public relations, graphic design and counseling, Stefanie began Lavender Joy Weddings in 2010, with a special passion for intimate and family-style events across Texas. She brings a thoughtful curator’s eye to event design, seamless planning in event management, and a passion in the joy found in the refining journey of marriage. She’s married to her husband Patrick, and they love traveling, supper club and their doxi, Ripken. 

We asked Stefanie a few questions about how she’s made things happen:

What have you made happen since you first attended MTH?

Stefanie: I first attended Making Things Happen in 2010, and again as an alum in 2012. Since that first MTH, I have taken intentional time to transition careers by building a values-based brand and business, pursued mentoring from people that have given invaluable advice and guidance, incorporated better daily processes in both my personal and professional life, launched a networking group in my home city that encourages and supports collaboration in our industry, and sought to put the Lord and my marriage first, always. I’ve been blessed to have my work featured on Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, Rue Magazine, and numerous other online publications, and to have experienced wedding days with amazing clients that I now call friends.  

What has changed since then?

Stefanie: Life has had quite a few ups and downs since that first MTH – good days and the kind of days we don’t want to ever admit that we have (you know what I’m talking about!)…but I consistently feel more confident in my ability to take action towards the life I want to live. Sometimes this means very practical steps and sometimes this means the very difficult steps to be still and breathe and trust the Lord with where I am in the process. I’m building a business that I’m truly proud of – that I believe serves couples and their families well during a very meaningful season of their lives. 

What is your best piece of advice to those who want to make things happen?

Stefanie: Fight fear and comparison!  Don’t give your thoughts or energy to what others are doing or what you feel like you ‘should’ be doing. Listen to your heart and give yourself room to be truly authentic in your choices. Lasting change has happened for me when I get gut-level honest with MYSELF about how I need to grow + change. It’s not always about changing your circumstances or looking for the next thing to DO…but getting a change in perspective, and then taking steps towards that, bit by bit! Making things happen is about identifying what matters most to you, and taking the steps that will help you live the life you want to live. 

What are you most looking forward to about the MTH2013 Conference?

Stefanie: Listening to and coming alongside the attendees as they do the work, doing the work again myself, and dance parties with Gina!! Honestly, I can’t wait to hear the stories of the attendees. The process and journey of clarifying what really matters most to you and moving towards those goals – these stories inspire me to no end!

What fires you up?

Stefanie: Time reading the Bible & in heart-encouraging community, supper club with friends, listening to clients’ desires and interpreting their ideas into a beautifully curated design and experience, snuggling with our doxi, investing in people, fresh florals, chatting with Patrick in the kitchen while he adds his own flavor to a new recipe,  championing marriage – even when it seems impossible, a hot cup of clean coffee, and noticing and appreciating the simple joys in the midst of everyday life.

What’s next for you? 

Stefanie: Saying yes to the right things and the things that are most important! Continuing to clear clutter and organize and create spaces + processes that reflect who I am – in my home and in my business. Adding the right people to our team, and making prioritizing living well and with contentment over the to-do list. Creating more through product + food styling. More date nights. More dinner parties. More laughter and love and gratitude and joyTake a peek at my Making Things Happen in 2013 Pinterest board here:

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