clear the clutter

Hi y’all! We are so excited to share that we are starting a accountability challenge that we will conquer together monthly! Starting with Clearing the Clutter in April! We know a big part of Making Things Happen is all about community. We will sharing our encouragement, failures, successes and little wins on clearing the clutter during April. Isn’t it the perfect challenge to start out spring with?

We really want to lift each other up, so make sure to tag your Instagrams and tweets with #mth_2013 #MTHclearingtheclutter.

Now get over to Lara’s blog to go through the steps in detail, but here is an overview of what we will be CONQUERING in April.

Your Clearing the Internet Clutter To-Do List

  1. Do a social media free weekend. Take (at least) one weekend off in April of social media. You can do it and I promise you won’t fall over and die. (I made it happen last weekend and I am still here to tell you how awesome and refreshing it was)
  2. Gut your facebook and twitter feeds.
  3. Gut your blog list. See google reader even says so. Simplify.
  4. If you have twitter, facebook or specific distracting blogs in your toolbar delete them. Right now. 
  5. Clear your computer desktop. Then fill it with a beautiful screen, like the amazing FREE ones Lara has designed 
  6. Unsubscribe. Cool Tip :: Search unsubscribe in your email search and boom here are all the emails that you can go through and UNSUBSCRIBE!
  7. Install Rescuetime or Leechblock or any other limiting device to your browser. To really put the stop to your i-spend-all-day-on-facebook-and-get-nothing-done syndrome. 
  8. Do a happy dance you rocked this!!!

(I will be posting the physical clutter steps soon as well, but if you are ready for more they are in this post as well)

Remember Progress not Perfection!!! Reach out if you are struggling. Keep us up to date with what step you are on and how you are CLEARING the clutter!!! We are SO excited to  see all the hard work that is going to be done!!!


Gina aka. your biggest cheerleader!