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4 Products We Use at Making Things Happen

We like to approach MTH like we would treat coffee at your best friend’s house — come as you are, no frills, no expectations except for great connections and heart time. We provide each of our attendees with exactly what they’ll need, plus a few fun surprises that we think help them get back to what matters most and enjoy their time with us.

You can find most of these surprises in the Making Things Happen Shop!

Making Things Happen Tumbler
The Make It Happen Tumbler
This is one of our attendees favorite gifts from the conference! Part of being able to do what matters most means taking care of yourself and keeping yourself healthy. We love that these fun tumblers keep us hydrated — whether it’s with tea, fruit infusions, or just ice cold water — so we’re never held back by headaches or fatigue.

Making Things Happen Mug
The Make It Happen Mug
How you start your day can determine how the rest of your day goes. We love filling this mug with coffee or tea first thing in the morning to get us pumped for the next eight hours.

Making Things Happen Lunch Bag
The Make It Happen Lunch Bag
Work smarter, not harder! There is always time for a lunch break. This insulated and bright lunch bag will remind you to take a break in the middle of the day so you can come back to work refueled and reenergized.

Making Things Happen Pashmina
The Make It Happen Pashmina
We are all about comfort! These soft pashminas get used all day at the conference to keep us warm, but we break them out regularly for cold offices and cold weather.

Find all of these items and more in the Making Things Happen Shop!

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Introducing our March 2016 Guest Speakers!

MTH Guest Speakers
In addition to our regular speaker lineup, we’re always honored to invite more women to contribute their stories and experiences to our conference schedule. This year, Carrie McQuaid of The Kindness Box and Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes are teaching us about making things happen through community and little by little steps. Carrie and Maghon are truly two of the most encouraging and thoughtful people we know, and touch on topics that are strike the cords in our heart. We’re thrilled for you to get to know them!

Carrie McQuaid

Carrie McQuaid

Carrie Grace lives in Durham, NC where she runs The Kindness Box, a monthly subscription of joy delivered straight to your doorstep. She also helps women grow their social media accounts to be more profitable. She believes in encouraging others to do the things that they love the most. She loves the color pink, cotton candy, and is a huge Taylor Swift fan.

What MTH class are you? MTH March 2014
What fires you up? My fired up list could go on forever and ever. A few things that fire me: the color pink, tossing confetti, and Taylor Swift dance parties. I love handwritten notes, bright happy pens, and the smell of summer rain. I also love sweet tea, frosting on cupcakes, and high-fiving people!
What was your favorite part of MTH? I love the community and the heartbeat of MTH. You can really tell that everyone wants you to succeed at whatever you are wanting to make happen. You walk away with so many cheerleaders and resources to really tackle your goals.
Was there anything that surprised you about your experience? I was surprised by how much it affected my life. I realized that I had developed a lot of small, bad habits that I was ultimately able to kick after attending MTH. It helped open my eyes to all the little things that I was missing that were making my days more complicated and thus, making me less productive overall.
What encouragement would you give to future attendees? Come with an open heart and open mind. It’s going to change your life in ways you would never imagine possible. But you have to be open to change and be willing to do hard work.
What’s your favorite place in Chapel Hill to go to dinner after MTH? I love Top of the Hill. I went there so many times in college so it holds really sweet memories for me.
What’s your favorite way to unwind from a busy day? I love to sit on the front porch, sip sweet tea, and count five things I’m grateful for.
What’s your love language? I love spending time with people so quality time with others is definitely my love language. I love long coffee dates just chatting about anything and everything with others. It fills me up to no end just to be around others.


All She Wrote Notes

Maghon Taylor

Maghon Taylor is the gal behind All She Wrote Notes, and a Carolina girl on a mission to spread happiness through her handwriting. She believes in celebrating every day, and that beautiful handlettering shouldn’t be saved like china for special occasions. Maghon also loves love teaching calligraphy and sharing her skills and knowledge through her traveling calligraphy workshop program, Calligraphy Y’all.

What MTH class are you? March of 2014
What fires you up? Chris Taylor (my husband), sunshine, laughing, painted nails and brightly colored clothes, people who smile, God, encouraging others, a clean house, and a yummy smelling candle
What was your favorite part of MTH? I loved talking about your five essentials. They are tiny, little things, but they really do bring you more joy!
Was there anything that surprised you about your experience? I came to MTH expecting to learn about my business and how I could make it better, but I honestly dug deep and learned SO much about myself and how much I was in my own way. In turn, that had a tremendous effect on my business and it’s flourished ever since.
What encouragement would you give to future attendees? Show up and do the work. Let your guard down and be vulnerable. Do the writing assignments during MTH and save you notebooks, you will be amazed when you look back at them later.
What’s your favorite place in Chapel Hill to go to dinner after MTH? Crook’s Corner or Top of the Hill
What’s your favorite way to unwind from a busy day? I love swinging on my back porch. That is my favorite place in the whole house and I love getting outside (one of my 5 essentials) and taking a minute to myself.
What’s your love language? Handwritten notes!! Words of affirmation are technically my love language and my heart beats extra fast when someone takes the time to write them for me! I hold onto notes and re-read them over and over again.

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Welcome to The New Making Things Happen Site!

We’re celebrating Making Things Happen’s eighth anniversary this year, as well as all the amazing people we’ve met along the way. MTH has changed so much since its start — from a one-day workshop on a nation-wide tour, to a two-day intensive hosted in Chapel Hill — but our core has stayed the same.

Year after year, we are honored to walk our attendees through the life-changing exercises that help them uncover their passions and their goals, and give them the tools and encouragement needed to take action on them.

MTH Site

Now, we’re thrilled that we can introduce you to the new MTH site! We’re so proud of all that our alumni have accomplished in life and business, and we love that our new site echoes the excitement, joy, and community that come with each new MTH class and their big ideas.

On this site, you can explore more about MTH’s history and what to expect at the intensive.

About MTH

Read what past MTH alum have to say about their experience.

MTH Testimonials

Take a look at our time together over the years by exploring our photo gallery.

Explore MTH

Connect with the MTH team and our speakers.

Connect with MTH

Shop MTH-inspired items and MTH swag.

Shop MTH

Register for the next intensive (we just released our fall tickets!!)

Register for MTH

And lastly, come right back here to the blog to keep up with the latest news from our team.

MTH Blog

We are so excited that we have a new space to connect with you and to share the MTH experience with others!

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Clear the Clutter
clear the clutter

Hi y’all! We are so excited to share that we are starting a accountability challenge that we will conquer together monthly! Starting with Clearing the Clutter in April! We know a big part of Making Things Happen is all about community. We will sharing our encouragement, failures, successes and little wins on clearing the clutter during April. Isn’t it the perfect challenge to start out spring with?

We really want to lift each other up, so make sure to tag your Instagrams and tweets with #mth_2013 #MTHclearingtheclutter.

Now get over to Lara’s blog to go through the steps in detail, but here is an overview of what we will be CONQUERING in April.

Your Clearing the Internet Clutter To-Do List

  1. Do a social media free weekend. Take (at least) one weekend off in April of social media. You can do it and I promise you won’t fall over and die. (I made it happen last weekend and I am still here to tell you how awesome and refreshing it was)
  2. Gut your facebook and twitter feeds.
  3. Gut your blog list. See google reader even says so. Simplify.
  4. If you have twitter, facebook or specific distracting blogs in your toolbar delete them. Right now. 
  5. Clear your computer desktop. Then fill it with a beautiful screen, like the amazing FREE ones Lara has designed 
  6. Unsubscribe. Cool Tip :: Search unsubscribe in your email search and boom here are all the emails that you can go through and UNSUBSCRIBE!
  7. Install Rescuetime or Leechblock or any other limiting device to your browser. To really put the stop to your i-spend-all-day-on-facebook-and-get-nothing-done syndrome. 
  8. Do a happy dance you rocked this!!!

(I will be posting the physical clutter steps soon as well, but if you are ready for more they are in this post as well)

Remember Progress not Perfection!!! Reach out if you are struggling. Keep us up to date with what step you are on and how you are CLEARING the clutter!!! We are SO excited to  see all the hard work that is going to be done!!!


Gina aka. your biggest cheerleader!

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