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One week ago today, I had the honor of attending the Making Things Happen Conference in Chapel Hill, NC. I will forever be grateful for the people that God has put in my life and the tangled web of creatives that led me to hear about this conference. I first heard about this conference about two years ago. Alex and I had just gotten married and the timing just was not right but I remember starting a conference list in my notebook with the hope of one day being able to attend.

When December 2014 rolled around and the tickets for the Spring conference went on sale I had a several day debate with myself and with God over whether this was the right time for me to attend. Was the timing right? Could we afford it? Was it going to be worth the investment? These were some of the fears that were swirling around in my head when I approached my husband the last night that tickets were going to be sold at the Early Bird Rate and asked him if he would support me going to this conference – that I really really really wanted to go! Of course being as wonderful as he is completely supported my decision and that night I ordered my ticket, not knowing exactly what was ahead.

I will be honest, when I bought my ticket for Making Things Happen, I had read alumni reviews of the conference. I had read a few blog posts about other peoples experiences and I was excited. However I would have never been able to fully comprehend the level of change that would occur in my life. I had to take the leap of faith and show up in Chapel Hill.

Making Things Happen Robyn Van Dyke

Photo Credits: Robyn Van Dyke Photography

I think that originally I signed up for Making Things Happen with the impression that it would give me the tools and the butt kicking that I needed to leave my current job behind and to follow my creative heart to the next chapter of my life. Instead I learned so much more about myself than I ever would have imagined possible. There was laughing, crying and a growing community within the four wall of the conference room. I want to share a few of the many things that I took away from this conference.

Do What I Can. With What I Have. Where I Am.  I went into Making Things Happen being discontent at my job. I was confused with why certain things in my life were not working the way I thought they should. I was searching for more. I wanted to be in control. And I wanted perfection. And then I learned about contentment – a state of happiness and satisfaction. And then I relaized that if I surrender my life to God’s plan and his timing. He will allow for me to be content where I am. Contentment does not mean that I have stop where I am. I can still continue to grow. I can still continue to dream. I can still continue to build my dream job.

Hard Work Is The Root Of Growth. I am not always the best at evaluating myself but sometimes we have to take a step back and do just that. Ask ourselves the hard questions while digging deep for the real answers. The answers that we keep hidden within ourselves because we do not want anyone else to see. Lara helps you do this hard work while you are at Making Things Happen however this hard work does not stop after you leave the conference. We are continually growing and as such our goals, dreams, challenges and fears change right along side of us therefore this hard work is never done and should be re-evaluated often to make sure that our action steps continue to strive for the ultimate goal of living life on purpose.

My Life Its To Short. My life is too short to succumb to fear, self doubt, overwhelm and discontentment. My life is too short to live a life of comparison. My life is to short not to live in the present. My life is too short not to believe in myself. my life is too short to let distractions get in the way. My life is too short to deny community. My life is too short not to love selflessly. My life is too short to not spread gratitude.

I am so grateful for the amazing speakers who opened up their hearts and gave us permission to open up ours in return.  I am grateful to be a part of this encouraging community. Encouragement truly is contagious and when you encourage someone else not only are you helping them, but you are also bettering yourself in the process.

Making Things Happen 2015

Photo Credits: Robyn Van Dyke Photography

If you are considering attending this conference, DO IT! It is completely worth it! Tickets for the November 2015 Conference are on sale now- grab your while they are still available!