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Nancy and I were privileged again to speak at the Making Things Happen! Conference in March. This is a semi-annual highlight for us, as we enjoy getting to share our story and our hearts on winning with money!

Making Things Happen Lara Casey

Nancy is a main conference speaker, and we share the responsibility of leading a small group. I get my turn on day two, when I get to share some keys for winning with money in a small business setting, some personal tips, and really try to help people realize that how they handle their money affects their ability to “make things happen” in their lives.

MTH Nancy and Will

This year, a recurring theme that kept popping up in a few different contexts was contentment. At the end of day two, I did some serious thinking and meditation on contentment, and that shaped some of my remarks on day two. That message became sort of a theme for me over the last few weeks since the conference, and I’m looking forward to working with Nancy to create a few contentment-centered resources.

MTH Will Ray

It’s always a little odd being the only guy at a conference, but I’ve been there before, so it wasn’t awful. It got a lot better on day two when Andrew, Rhi’s (another speaker) husband showed up that morning and surprised her from out of state. We held it down for the male contingent on day two.

MTH Nancy Ray

You always come up with a few “main things” to work on when leaving the conference. Here are mine:

– Take a month off from work when baby arrives. Crazy, but possible, and a big part of why we’re self-employed is the freedom to work hard and take off time when it works for us.
– Reclaim an additional $150 in our budget for additional baby costs. Still working on that.
– Publish an eBook about our money story that will help inspire and empower others to make big changes with their money.

I’ve got a lot to do before this baby arrives!

Making Things Happen Will and Nancy Ray

Nancy and I are thrilled to again be part of the Making Things Happen! Conference in the fall, which you can register for here! Early bird pricing applies through June!

Many thanks to Robyn Van Dyke for the photos from the conference!