This post was originally posted by Michelle Edgemont.

Making Things Happen 2011

See all of those people? I LOVE THEM. They love me. The world is a better place and my heart is full and my mind is determined and my spirit is lifted. I can say that my life has changed, because it has, but that phrase doesn’t even start to explain the magnitude of how I am different now. Different for the better.

My life has been turned upside down, rocked back and forth, spun around, slammed to the ground, and filled with energy. My notebook pages are scrawled with fears and ambition. A plan has been set into action. A BIG PLAN.

This plan will include glitter and happiness and be bursting at the seams with color and laughter.

Those people are right along side of me on this journey and I’m right along side of them. We have each other to support and be honest with. We know each others biggest fears and we’ve seen each other cry. Coming out of the Making Things Happen intensive, I have grown as a woman, but I’ve also watched them grow too, and because of that, we each carry around a little bit of each other.

I am determined.

Michelle Edgemont MTH

In this picture, I’m a hot crying mess who has never been happier and more excited in all of her life.

Thank you Lara.

Thank you Gina.

Thank you Natalie.