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Last Wednesday, we sat in a room, filled with 30 other women (and one guy) as you asked us about our fears, abilities and emotions. We talked about our businesses. We talked about the depths of our hearts. And we shared; we shared what we didn’t even know was in us! We smiled and we laughed. We encouraged and we hugged! It was fabulous.

But my favorite part was when you asked us to close our eyes. Each of use sat in our chairs, eyes closed, lights dimmed and we were encouraged to think about 5 years ahead of us. To picture ourselves in our “dream” location. For me it was a fabulous kitchen with wide planked hard wood floors, a deep porcelain sink with a gorgeous open bulb light fixture hanging over it. It was spring and the light was streaming in along with the fresh scent of hyacinth as they began blooming outside. The curtains were blowing in the wind and the grass was turning that “summer” shade of green outside. You asked us to picture our favorite people in the house with us. My Mom and Dad walked through the door. You asked us to envision us describing our successes of our business and the road we had taken to get to that place of success! I saw Mom and Dad’s faces beaming so bright. Their eyes lit up as they heard me tell success after success. They knew I could do it. They knew, all along, I could do it. I felt like I had to tell them EVERYTHING because they haven’t been here to experience it with me. I told them about photography and weddings. I told them about my art and how I was still using her sewing machine. They were my number one fans. They were the only ones in the room. We talked and talked. They smiled and smiled. And every so often they would glance over at one another and give each other that smirk….the smirk as if to say “We raised her. We are proud…….we knew her heart would blossom and she would be successful. We KNEW it!”

Then you asked us to envision them walking away. So, Mom and Dad walked out the door (holding hands as they always did). They walked away. And I was left standing there smiling. Smiling because I knew that they were proud. And smiling because I knew that everything I had ever dreamed was attainable. They had known all along that I would be successful…they did. Now, it was just my time to believe it! 🙂

I recalled a situation that my husband, Aaron, told me after my Mom had died. They had spend so many days together as he drove her back and forth to the hospital, and one day as they were waiting in the drive through line at Burger King my Mom, with tearful eyes, told Aaron “I never worry about IF she is going to make it, it is just WHEN!” She believed in me. And so did he.

I can’t tell you how amazing this 5 minute exercise was for me! Lara, you opened up my heart wider than I even thought possible in those 5 minutes. You showed me that my dreams were possible. MY dreams were possible. Despite any tragedy or heartache this world holds, you showed me it was possible!



And because every post deserves a good photo! This is a photo of me beaming after my day last Wednesday….

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