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The 2013 Making Things Happen Intensive is the first of it's kind - combining the Making Things Happen workshop on Day 1 with business and branding essentials from Making Brands Happen on Day 2.  Seats are very limited. This two-day intensive was designed to fire you up and get you on a powerful path to making big things happen in life and in business.  This is the fourth year of this nationally-acclaimed SOLD OUT workshop and we are so thrilled to combine it with powerful knowledge from Making Brands Happen! This is the only city we are visiting this year.  We chose Chapel Hill so that those who are travelling in from all over the world (the majority of attendees travel in) could easily join us.  Travel is very easy to RDU. Get ready for a jam-packed 48 hours!

In November 2009, Lara Casey took a seemingly small but gigantic risk that would change the course of her life and thousands of others forever. She wrote a blog post in response to an email that asked the question, "How do you make things happen?" That blog post started a revolution, and just 30 days later had her touring the US on a sold out 13-city tour (where she met MTH alum Emily Ley, Gina Zeidler and Natalie Norton) to teach people the principles she used to make big things happen. The Making Things Happen intensive was designed to fire people up to make bold decisions in life and step into their fears instead of away from them. Making Things Happen is all about taking positive action toward your best life. Attendees are asked vital (i.e. hard) questions and must be ready to lay it all out on the table. This principles behind MTH are simple. Get to the core of who you are and what makes you come alive... then act on your core. Rid yourself of the distractions and fears that hold you back by stepping boldly into your new path. MTH is not for the faint of heart, but for people from all walks of life who really want to change, grow, and harness their full potential. Life is too short to play small.

Just a few of the topics covered: conquering fear, discovering your strengths, eliminating distractions, making bold leaps in life and in turn in business, how your environment and the people around you affect you, living your ideal day, authenticity and action. Making Things Happen was founded on the idea that you have the choice to change your life. The Making Things Happen Intensive is about personal evolution.

Almost five years since it began and over 700+ alum later, the MTH intensive has truly become a national movement.  Community and accountability are key to success and MTH harnesses both through powerful online interaction.  The MTH alum have made phenomenal things happen (from national acclaim to life balance to new businesses to making creative passions their full time jobs!) since attending and becoming a part of one of the most supportive and encouraging collaborative communities out there! 

Spend two packed days with Lara Casey and  MTH alum Emily LeyGina Zeidler to make a clear, active, successful plan for your future. This is not for people who want a quick fix.  This is for creatives who want a true life change and who want to harness their full potential.  Life is too short to play small.     A year from now, you will wish you had started today. - Karen Lamb  So, get ready to make BIG things happen with us!


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